My Remedy to Life

November 2, 2009
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Trembling on the inside,
holding back all the tears.
Blaming everyone for all the pain,
bulit up all these years.

I hold it all in, so you can not see,
the deep disstress inside of me.
Open wounds that may never heal,
feelings that I withstand, that I may only feel.

Beaten on the inside,
a fake grin on the out.
No one really understands,
that I know without a doubt!

About to unleash what's left of me,
destruction as we may know it.
Please don't take it all to heart,
I just forgot how to show it.

My nerves are shot,
my heart is pounding and racing.
My anger builds up very quickly,
please don't bother me if i'm pacing.

I have no one to take my thoughts,
even at my worst.
Being blessed with these tramic issue's,
is dealing with a curse.

I'm sorry if I become harsh and cruel,
maybe even a bit rude.
I promise you did nothing I swear,
my issue's take over my mood.

I do not want to be open,
and I do not want you to understand.
I will deal with this in my own way,
and the very best I can.

Your loosing what is left of me,
please catch me before I break.
I'm going to have to let you go now,
before I make a terrible mistake!

Your really killing me on the inside you see,
unbelieveable as it may sound.
But your the one who pushed me this far,
your love is demonic and unfound!

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