The Wishing Howl

November 1, 2009
The moon is so bright
So quiet and lonely

I howl for forgiveness
My pain pain and my sorrow

The rivers are deep
Crimson yet Blue

The tree whipers
Quiet! Shoo Shoo!

My howl is deep and long
The world shines bright
and begs for more song

I wait for the end
The end of all things

I long for peace
And the rightness of me

The answers are there
But I cannot see

For the selfish and lies
Have but blinded me

So I howl again
and beg for forgiveness
For my pain and my sorrow

I hope the moon hears me
and grants my wish by tomorrow

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--LoveHappens-- said...
May 3, 2010 at 4:33 pm
wow I really liked that and I can feel your emotion my favorite stanza is 'The rivers are deep Crimson yet Blue' great description and please take a look at my work called The Pretty One and leave a rating and comment. Thanks sooooooooo much 
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