Invention of Hope

November 1, 2009
By , Pinckney, MI
I want to feel a sunset,
Each color touch my tongue.
I want to catch a dream,
Unweave its woven knot.
I want to kiss the rain,
It's glory misunderstood.
I want to race a star,
To eternity and beond.
I want to bless the tides,
Each wave soothing in return.
I want to paint love,
A canvess so pure.
I want to reach out,
And catch a glimpse of hope.
If only we could have what we wanted,
I might learn a way to cope.

The realtity is,
There is no taste.
Dreams die before they spark,
Lost in the haste.
The sky cries its sorrow,
Wanting no consolation for it.
Stars are a broken piece of rock,
Waiting to be lit.
The water only rages,
Its fury drowning life.
Love is being baught.
Betrayal as sharp as a knife.
But the jar
Still holds humanity's last thread.
We keep it close to our heart
Without it: we're dead

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