The Solitary Me

October 31, 2009
By JayRaj SILVER, Ahmedabad, Other
JayRaj SILVER, Ahmedabad, Other
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When I have no one to turn around
And there are no more professionals on the ground,
I switch to the panacea of boredom,
And propel to my fantasy kingdom.

There, I jump, I play, I dance,
But it is only as long as a glance.
As my thoughts are not much engrossed
And the world is too big to be ignored.

Consequently, I take an exit from my land.
As I know, I have another stand.
Me and my friend talk or have a sincere discussion.
Whether day or night, I have no restriction.

The discussion makes something an apple of my eye
And turns a favorite thing into the one I deny.
This friend is nowhere else than in me
As the waves are in the sea.

So remember, god has never left anyone alone.
When there is no play and all your friends are gone,
You still have a treasure mine
That is the beautiful inside of thine.

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