By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Lying alone on the small green hill,

content underneath the orange sun,

I watched and named the clouds

as they floated by in a cool breeze,

and had a long discussion

with an ant

who was trying to make off

with one of my green M&Ms.

Off in the distance

I heard the grumble of the city,

the yelp of dogs

and I imagined a woman wearing

mascara and red lipstick, typing

advice columns on an ancient typewriter

while humming Vivaldi to herself.

I smiled as the thick, green grass

tickled my feet,

causing me to think I was lying on a bed of eyelashes

blinking in the wind.

When I looked up

to watch the flight of an eagle,

one of my earrings fell off

and my looking for it

provided the ant with enough distraction

for him to steal away my smile.

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