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By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   When I was growing up

My town was my world.

I lived on simplistic joys,

Like a fairy lives on starlight.

Men with bad toupees reporting

Meant nothing next to a cricket

In a sun-grass, wonder-filled field.

Hundred-mile trips across the town

Explored new wonders.

At a roaring river

A million miles wide by a trillion deep

Gaggles of geese gurgle grahams

Thrown by laughing lots of little children,

And me.

Weekly trips to Daddy's house

Meant an enormous field of fun

With many games in the backyard.

In bed I would wonder where we

Would go on the next day

But now I wonder if I'll ever go back,

Or has the joy-filled door been closed

By time and age and comprehension?

No, for my town is my world


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