my embarrising moment

October 29, 2009
By Anonymous

About six years ago an amazing movie came into theatres. It was the almighty “Stuart little”.
We were on our way me and my dad. My dad didn’t really want to go see it but he knew I did. He was being very nice so I guess that is why we went.
When we arrived I could smell the salty, buttery, fresh aroma of the golden yellow popcorn. It was astonishing how huge the movie theatre seemed. It was my first time ever going to a movie theatre.
We were just getting some food because we had some time. At the restaurant parts of the theatre. There was an abundance of people. So many I got kind of scared.
So after we were done I had to go to the bathroom so my dad said “go ahead I will wait for you.”
So off I went. When I came out I was walking to were I thought he was. An he was not there so I got really scared. So I started running and there was a giant man. I was looking down so I ran up and hugged him and said daddy.
My dad ran up and said “Dylan get off him” the guy just stared.
On the way home I was so scared but my dad just laughed.

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