Growing Down

October 28, 2009
My mind is slowly turning
my vision slowly bluring.
You become stronger,
i become weaker.
I feel like i'm burning from
the inside out. Melting Down.

Everything you said.
Bouncing inside of my head.
About to burn to peices any second.
My eyes close and i'm
Growing Down.

I reach the fiery depths,
The words still echo inside.
Screaming won't do any good,
no one would hear me
Spiraling Down.

Everything you said.
The words still bouncing in my head.
Where they touch burns to peices.
My legs collapse and once again
I'm Growing Down.

Darkness engulfs me.
Pulling me deeper and deeper.
My energy vanishes.
For a second the words flash
against my eyelids,
and then there gone.

But I keep
Growing Down

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