November 2, 2009
By mybabysfallenangel SILVER, Palmyra, Pennsylvania
mybabysfallenangel SILVER, Palmyra, Pennsylvania
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I have a box, rather a tomb
Hidden where no light is shed
It is full of letters
From a past full of dread

Letters that are memories
Letters written in shed tears
Words I'll never forget
That have become my fears

The pages sing of hatred
And of blood run cold
Some written by a broken heart
Some that are my own

Letters from a past life
I wish I could forget
Lies whispered by a monster
I haven't forgiven as of yet

Also are letters
I read most everyday
They are in a very special place
Where they will always stay

They are written on the paper heart
Fragile and beating in my chest
Words whispered by winds of love
Words to calm my heart's unrest

These letters that I keep
Have a power over me
I can't forget or toss away
These memories that came to be

Some lie hidden
Never to be forgotten
Painful memories of a childhood
Long dead and rotten

Others keep me breathing
Pumping blood through every vein
Words written on a fragile heart
Where they will forever remain

Letters aren't just words
That exist on paper pages
They are memories of joy and pain
That live on through the ages

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