He Has Changed

October 28, 2009
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Shrouded by darkness
Is a pure and clean soul
On the outside, seemingly heartless
But inside, so much more

Haunted by the past
He hurts every day
No one gives him a chance anymore
He hasn’t changed, there’s no way

The glares of cynical eyes linger
As their doubts fill his head
Their lies eat away at him
He’s changed, all though yes, he has sinned

Why does everyone only judge the past
Why not give him another chance
Why do you have to believe everything everyone else says
Or only judge him by what he did

People can change, I promise
Give him a chance to prove that to you
Because the man he has grown up to be
Is someone far from past miseries

Changed for the better
I know for sure
He is still perfect, amazing, fascinating
But he can not be mine

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