The Harmony of Life

October 28, 2009
By Philrm4 BRONZE, East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
Philrm4 BRONZE, East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
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"The only way to measure the streath of a leader is through the eyes of the follower."
Phil Romansky 2009 (me)

Understanding the harmony of life,
Is many times a note we can barely strike,
With practice and persistence our choir becomes in sync,
And slowly we realize that this is only a measure on this strenuous scale we call life, or so we think.
Without a proper conductor to lead me I fall off beat,
And slowly I lose interest and stand on my feet,
No hope no pressure no music,
I sit and wait for a better chance and hope I don’t lose it,
What am I waiting for!
What happened to me I don’t know who I am any more,
My reflection in the puddle,
Makes me feel as if my life was a stumble,
Eyes blazing heart racing,
I remember who I am and stop my spacing,
I pounce at the chance,
To remember the glee of making people dance.
With my instrument in hand and music and my soul,
I rise to the action and take back my control.

The author's comments:
This reflects how music and life are intwined.

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