Did You Forget

October 28, 2009
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Did you forget that I was the one by your side
Helping you through every one of your struggles??
Did you forget that I am the only one who has never spoken
negative to you??
Did you forget that you also have to care for me too?
Did you forget that I have a LIFE?
Did you forget that even I go through struggles?
Did you forget that maybe sometimes I'm not having
a great day
Did you forget that I have feelings??
O &did you forget that those feelings could get hurt??

Lately..i have felt forgotten
What do I mean by that??
I feel that people have literally forgotten about me

Why is that I am always the one dishing out advice..
But hardly get advice in my time of need??
Am I a push-over?
Do I let others take advantage of me?


Did you forget about me???
It sure feels like you did
& in the words of Kanye..
"You cut me deep..
You cut me like surgery"

It's fine you can forget me
Don't be surprised if I forget you too
It shouldn't have came to this
But it's not me.
It's you

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