October 27, 2009
By pshhitsally BRONZE, Chalfont, Pennsylvania
pshhitsally BRONZE, Chalfont, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
Don't Give Someone Your Everything, Because When Your Everything Is Gone You'll Have Nothing Left - Ally dasch

You put me down because you can
You look in my eyes and lie a lot
All I asked for was a friend

Cheating seems to be your trend
My heart was once on fire-watch it rot
You put me down because you can

You didn’t love me but you let that text send
It was such a mess you came over – we fought
All I ever asked for was a friend

We tried it out let our friendship bend
I hoped you learned a lesson it was well taught
You put me down because you can

Your other girl is calling you must go attend
I’ll throw out the stuff you bought
All I asked for was a friend

I guess you didn’t know the rules must be reread
You thought you were sneaky we’ll you’ve been caught
You put me down because you can
All I ever asked for was friend

The author's comments:
“June” is a poem that actually takes place in July. I decided to give it the title “June” because that’s the first time I told myself its okay to let go and moved on from my last relationship. This poem is about an ex lover Matt who cheated after 2 weeks into the relationship. I didn’t intend on ever dating him but I let out friendship bend and now it will never be the same. I chose this poem because it is difficult to write. I also do not like this poem. I find the structure hard to understand and the rhyming pattern difficult. Even thought I’m not crazy about it you’re not always supposed to like your work. To you it might be horrid but it could be someone else’s perfection.

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