Sorrowy sea's

October 27, 2009
By DreaDrop GOLD, Durango, Colorado
DreaDrop GOLD, Durango, Colorado
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The sorrowy sea beats me down.....

Pushing me farther and farther,

deeper and deeper into the sea,

My lungs burn,

Bubbles rise to the serface above,

My legs give and the water takes

advantage of it and sweeps me

deeper under the salty sea,

The sea weeds grab my legs and fearsly keeps me down,

I try to fight the sorrow one last time but my heart has broken,

The sorrow has one I give up...

I hear the sea singing to me,

adding my soul to the dark sorrowy
seas beaneth...

The author's comments:
This can to me when my friend told m,e about her friends death her friend was mine to and when he died we felt so sad and this was my way to deal with it i wrote! about how he died he died in the ocean and has gotten beat down by the waves ...

It was so sad ...

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