The Road MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Fringing the paper's edge, hearing this song, I recall the road

Memories flicker like a video

Snatching vision on speed

Terrific screech by subway breaks

To reality

'Talian Icee on a Rockefeller corner

I remember it vividly because it matched the dusky pastel sky

Giant Stadium rolls away along the pike

Bulbs are lighted dot to dot

Leading eyes tracing skeleton Tappan Zee

Suspended in black pitch.

The New Jersey shore is the edge of my universe

God raises the sun

Trump raises the Taj Mahal

From the boardwalk,

Atlantic's first dawn blush mutes the harsh new day.

Elation settled into a drowsy state of mood

Unconsciously let heavy dysphoria take over

Momentary bliss slipped away with the dawn

Incoherencies connected,

We were back on the road

According to the license plate through the pentastar,

In North Carolina

The dash gauge became a clock

Passing signs kept an ominous tempo

A pawn shop every 20 miles

Sharing southbound lanes with coast-Atlantic semis

Shrouded in rain

Sunday met gospel in South Carolina

The car became a sauna

I saw Van Demon's land on fire

The batteries in my walkman died

It's Sad Sam! Welcome civilization

We collected bottlerockets from Savannah's notorious Sam

And closed the chapter on the drab South

Come hither palms

Balmy breeze from the Gulf of Mexico

Tampa Bay's

End of the line

Pick up the public enemy

And identity

Rewind, back on the road.

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