An Unexpectedly Fun Day

October 27, 2009
By mizzourah! BRONZE, St. Louis, Missouri
mizzourah! BRONZE, St. Louis, Missouri
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“Okay John and Hannah, are you ready to go?” My mom asks my brother and sister before they go to preschool.

“No!!” I scream. I didn’t want them to leave. I always looked up to them and always wanted to play with them.

“Yes.” They reply to my mom and then John tells me, “it is okay Jeff, we will only be gone for a little bit.” Although I was old enough to know that “a little bit” was going to be a long time.

Next thing you know, we are in the car on the way to the preschool. I cried the whole time, even though John and Hannah were still in the car.

I cried continuously till we got home. Then, about fifteen minutes after we got back, the door bell rang. My mom answered the door and it was my best friend Kevin. My mom was watching him and a few more kids for the day, but not as much as usual.

Once everyone got to my house, my mom told us that we didn’t have to take a nap today. Probably, because there was so little amount of kids today, she didn’t think we would get so hyped up.

“HOORAY!” we all shouted, and from there on, we were the most hyper group of kids in the world on that day.

That was probably the biggest mistake I have ever seen my mom make. I am sure that she would agree with me any day.

What was supposed to be nap time was just a little settle down time, or TV time. And what was supposed to be TV time, turned into an unexpected hyper time.

Kids were running in the house, (not allowed) throwing things in the house, (not allowed) and most importantly, kids were screaming in the house, (not allowed). If my mom saw you doing one of those acts of ignorance, you could be in time out, or get the “God Awful” spanken. They hurt like nothing else.

Anywho, for us we didn’t get a spanken or a timeout on that day. That was probably the best thing about that day. Plus, we just had fun period. I even made up a poem about how fun that day was:
John and Hannah are gone,
I wish it were dawn,
That way they’d be home,
And I wouldn’t be alone.

The doorbell rang,
Then I sprang,
Was it John and Hannah?
No, it was Kevin with a dang banana.

More kids showed up,
We all got hyped up,
Then Mom said no nap time,
And we all had a great time.

I never expected to have such a great time, and John and Hannah didn’t expect me to either. So when John and Hannah walked in the door after preschool, they were in a great state of shock that I had such a great day, even without them.

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