As The Train Rolls On MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   The train speeds people through the city.

Warm riders read newspapers

On a cold winter day.

The barren streets are empty,

Except for a broken down automobile.

Derelicts sleep in the sewer grate,

Trying to keep warm.

A man walks around in a thin coat,

Looking for food in a dumpster.

Some days, he finds a sandwich.

Today, he is not so lucky.

Today, he will go hungry.

Meanwhile, the train rolls on,

And the apathetic riders

Do not acknowledge poverty and deprivation

In their seemingly perfect world.

They do not see that

The street people cannot board the train

Because they are poor and uneducated.

The gap between the two groups widens,

And the train continues to move on.

Unless the riders on the train help

Those who are less fortunate,

The train will not stop for them.

The train will roll on

And the gap will grow wider

until the train finally disappears

In the early morning light.

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