Old and New

October 24, 2009
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Old friends come to town.
New friends stare them down.

Old friends take offense.
New friends on defense.

Old friends can’t get cable.
New friends wear designer label.

Old friends, vintage chicks.
New friends, super rich.

Old friends, street smarts.
New friends, cold hearts.

Old friends, spunk and sass.
New friends full of class.

Old friends, 60’s diner.
New friends jet to China.

Old friends, ponytails.
New friends, pedicured nails.

Old friends, Viva Piñata.
New friends, Devil Wears Prada.

Old friends, triple pierced ears.
New friends, diamond chandeliers.

Old friends, beat up Chevy.
New friends, limo ready.

Old friends pay attention.
New friends are perfection.

Old friends, always care.
New friends, never there.

Old friends have gone.
New friends move on.

Old friends, sisters forever.
New friends, should’ve known better.

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