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October 23, 2009
By vampet230 BRONZE, Pacoima, California
vampet230 BRONZE, Pacoima, California
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Favorite Quote:
Everything is always okay in the end. If it’s not okay, then it’s not the end

Who are you to control me?
You're no one to tell me what to do.
I've had enough of your s***.
I'm not taking it anymore.
I have a voice!
I will speak up.
I have arms and legs!
I will defend myself.
I have a mind of my own!
I don't need you to rule over me.
You've lost the game already.
You can't touch me anymore!
You can't control me!
You can't force me to do anything!
I'm my own person!
I will defend myself from you.
You're no longer able to touch me!
You're no longer able to force me to touch you!
This is my body!
I will control it by myself!
I don't need you!
Only I can can control myself.
You've got no power over me anymore!!

The author's comments:
I've hard alot of hard times in my life, where people wanted to control me with everything I said, to what types of clothes I wore.

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