October 22, 2009
By cupcake_31 BRONZE, Marion, Montana
cupcake_31 BRONZE, Marion, Montana
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In this picture you had a smile
A twinkle
A light
Something in your eye
I know you must be laughing for you loved to laugh, to make other laugh
I strain my ears to here your booming laughter
But your laughter is no longer here
your smile reflected in others
Now your gone, and all traces of our smiles
Have faded away into the dark
You shouldn't have gotten in your truck
That driver should have died instead
I know I'm being selfish
You lost everything that mattered,
When it could have been him
He lost nothing, nothing at all
I lost a great cousin
I will always love you, forever
and always

The author's comments:
well this photo poem is about my cousin matthew. He was the best most kind and loveable person i know.A few years ago he died in a car accident and things haven't been the same, so i have wrote this poem in his memorie.

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