The IT that we fear

October 22, 2009
By DJATOMICA BRONZE, Monroe, Louisiana
DJATOMICA BRONZE, Monroe, Louisiana
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Favorite Quote:
"Just who the hell do you think we are!"

What is IT well many have asked
IT is toxic, like poison gas
IT is the demon that haunts you’re your dreams
IT is the reason you wake up and scream
IT is the shadow that moves through the night
IT is the embodiment of pure grotesque fright
ITs grip is like ice the chill down your spine
ITs presence has been here since the dawn of time
IT has no real face IT has no real name
ITs purpose is simply to bring others pain
IT was made to kill
On ITs own free will
IT excludes no names
In ITs satanic game
IT is horror
IT is here
IT is a nightmare
IT is fear

The author's comments:
The first ever scary movie I watched was IT and IT scared the crap out of me(I was for at the time) so I decided to write what I thought IT was

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