Our Love Is Gone;</3

October 27, 2009
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Our Love is Gone ;</3
I try not to care what you think;
I try and not care what you say;
But, it hurts so much having you,
Telling me how bad of a person I am.
When you used to love me so much,
I hurt,
To know that you don’t care,
To know that you won’t ever understand.
It hurts.
I’m crying and shaking,
Harder than before.
You won’t ever understand how much I need you in my life.
You were my everything,
I ever wanted.
You completed me.
To be that person I always wanted to be,
In a situation like this,
You were always there to comfort me,
Forever & always,
I came to you for help.
I want you to love me,
As much as I love you,
I know you will always be that person I want.
That person I need.
But you won’t ever notice me,
So ill stare from afar,
Watching as our love fades away,
From the beautiful thing,
It used to be.
I want you back please,
Just listen to me,

Don’t you remember?
How In love we used to be?
How you used to hold me throughout the night,
Don’t you remember?
How when you held my hand,
It was perfect.
Nothing mattered anymore.
I had you, you had me.
We were in love,
You told me you would never leave me,
We’d me together forever,
And always.
I love you still.
And hopefully,
One day.
You will love me back.

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