DADAT(Defense Against the Dark Arts Teachers)

October 27, 2009
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Hogwarts is fantastic

It's a fact anyone can state

But one thing is quite certain

Staff always experiences the same strange fate


Year one we didn't see it

No one could ever know

That simple, studdering Quirell

Could have a villan attatched to his skull


Year two we were baffled

Lockheart shocked us all

His stories were all lies

Simple memory charm, and the other wizard's would not recall


Year three was quite different

We thought we'd finally found the one

'Til charming Lupin grew some fur

And howled at the moon


Year four was entirely unique

We didn't see through young Barty Jr's plan

Poor Moody got himself locked in a trunk

But Veritaserum sent Crouch straight to Azkaban


Year five was absolutely horrid

Umbridge; the wretched toad

Foolish Fudge, putting her in charge

Hoping his stupid "plan" would unfold


Year six was absolutely shocking

Snape?! No, it couldn't be

With Slughorn to replace him in potions

The students were concerned, everyone could see


Year seven, him again

The only time we were able

To keep a teacher another year

It was Severus Snape, how incapable


Well, as hard as it was to find them

We managed, i suppose

To find a DA teacher

Next year...who knows?!


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DiamondRose said...
Aug. 22, 2014 at 5:41 pm
Nice! But Amycus Carrow taught DADA in 7th year, Sev was the head.
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