I Wish

October 27, 2009
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I wish to get the letter

The one signed "Albus Dumbledore"

I wish when I turn eleven

Hagrid will be at my door

I wish to learn the envied secret

The one we all dream of

I wish for Diagon Alley, Zonkos, Three broomsticks pub


Oh, how I wish for Harry

He, the boy who lived

And I wish for Hermione

All her knowledge and spells she did

I even wish for Ron

In all his red-head glory

I wish for his quick humor

And his endless funny stories


Oh, Too much I wish for Albus

To see his shining beard

His wise, half-moon spectacles make him powerful:

Gentle, but feared


And how I long for Sirius

To save him from his fate

To stop the evil Bellatrix

When Harry got there just moments late


I wish to know Hagrid

The all-knowing gentle giant

His big hands sheltered Harry

When he couldn't seem to fight it


I wish that I could see it

The castle brave and tall

I wish to know its secrets

Roam its legendary halls


I wish to feel the feeling

The moment its doors open

To see the great hall

All sorrow 'tis forgotten


I wish to hold a wand

Have that extraordinary feeling

I wish to learn a spell

To make all enemies fear me

To see McGonagall myself

Oh, I wish for her wisdom

To make trouble for sneering Snape

Know all that is forbidden


I wish to take the OWL's

To test my skill and knowledge

I wish to meet the lady in pink:

To sass the evil Umbridge

I wish to meet Professor Slughorn

To be his favorite favorite

I wish to learn the game of Quiditch

Suffer a broken arm, and continue on with spirit


And last I wish to meet Him

The Dark Lord himself

To laugh in the face of Tom Riddle

All these years he's gone without

I wish to show him love

Something he's never gotten

To show him a true wizard

Wands aside. Spells forgotten

I just wish to be there

The moment he's defeated

When followers scream in agony

When Voldemort's finally been beaten


To take down You-Know-Who

A time of honor

To see the boy with the scar

Grow up and be a father


Oh, how I wish to be there

Aboard the scarlet Hogwarts Express

Off to my first term of school

I'm addicted, I must confess

Maybe someday I will live it

Hopefully I can

But for now I must remain


A truly, direly, indescribably,


Harry Potter Fan

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DiamondRose said...
Aug. 22, 2014 at 5:38 pm
I'm a fan too! Long live Sirius!
Yoodle15 said...
Nov. 13, 2009 at 4:25 am
As another obsessed Harry Potter fan, I completely associate with your poem =). How we wish Harry's world was tangibly real, and how we must resort to imagination to make it real in our minds!
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