Human Nature

October 26, 2009
Human nature in and of it’s self is flawed, for that in which that humans cannot

have they “must have” and that in which they currently own they do not appreciate

by taking for granted and misusing it to fit there own preferences rather than the

greater human society as a whole. The same can be said about human thoughts and

reasoning. If one person in a human society that looks, acts, talks, dresses, or

believes in a certain way while not bending themselves to the common conformance

that in which is very frequently classified and known as “normal” they are generally

mocked or ridiculed by the other members of society that no longer retain any of

there own individuality. So the average “normal” human is actually a watered down

photo copy of the personality belonging to the human before hand, thus rendering

the statement that humans are generally hypocritical true, because humans don’t

really know what they want unless another human all ready has it. Not to mention

when the jealousy factor that usually kicks in a human society that plays out to the

effect of one human in a basic society has something that one or more others want

such as a trait, a skill, a position, exedra…if wanted badly enough humans will use

all in there “flawless power and intellect” to acquire or unrightfully claim it.

Sometimes at the cost of one or many other human lives. Thus is the theory of one

human opinion of the human nature.

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