October 26, 2009
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There was a character, running along his path. He was trying to get to the end of his path as fast as he could, for all he knew that life was only getting to the end. This character thought to himself,"Well, why dont I just get there faster?" So, there his journey began.
One day, he ran into another character. He was a Wise One, allright. The Wise One stoped him. He asked the the character,
"Why are you in such a hurry, where are you even going?"
And the character replied with confusion,"Well, the end. My goal is to get there!"
"Well, where is that?" asked the Wise One.
"The end."
"You mean your life journey?"
"Yes. And when I get there, my time here is done. I will have lived a full life." the character said.
"Life is not measured in time, but in expirences! And besides, it's not about getting to the end that matters, but the twists and turns that get you there." remarked the Wise One.
"What do you mean? Getting to the end is all I know."
"Have you ever stopped on your path?"
"No, I have not Wise One."
"You cannot complete your journey without making stops on the way." The Wise One said.
"The decisions you make change your path thus making a unique you!"
"Thank you, Wise One."

Live your life. Mingle! Expirence! Do not be in a rush.

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