Through Definite Destiny MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   I look into the ocean blue eyes of the infant

I fall into them and float into the mind of

the innocent child

So peaceful, uncomplicated

ignorant of what's to come

Now's my chance, tell him

tell the child what will happen, prepare him

tell him of the poverty

tell him of the frigid showers,

and icy baths

tell him of the coldness of a house with

no heat

tell him of the people who live there and

how their hearts can be described with the same

arctic tone as their home

tell him how the icicles which trickled down

the aluminum siding when the sun gleamed its

cheerful ray, would not surrender a drop if

placed inside the house of desolation

I want to tell him of his future

whisper to him "Don't accept each day, make

it fall at your feet, make it yours"

Listen to me

it's not your fault

you were born into the plight

don't blame your elders

for they were subjected to your same destiny

they are an eminent part of your destiny

The divorce

The drinking

the self-centered, sickening, superficial

road of reform

don't condemn them

they are all a part of your fate

furthermore it is your fate

that I am here speaking to you now

I know you can't hear me

but maybe you can feel me and your own words

that have just now been spoken

You will find friends leave you

but your true friend, yourself

will perpetually see you through your life

through your definite destiny

trust yourself

Now I drift back out of the ocean

in my hand I hold my heart, and in my heart

I hold a memory, the truth, and my dreams

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