Tell It To The People You Love

October 22, 2009
Dear Uncle Eddie,

I cried myself to sleep last night,
As my telephone went silent.
We are helpless no matter what,
But we pray you’ll win this fight.
The bars in front of you are lined with rust,
This hole isn’t getting any brighter.
The sun will soon be dimming,
Your path isn’t becoming lighter.
Sometimes actions go without reasons,
No one knows why.
Unfair, yes very,
Harsh people are too sly.
Have you gotten my letter?
I’ve sent you family pictures.
They’re incomplete, though,
With you they’d be better.
You’re all we have left,
We love you so much.
Please Uncle Eddie,
Just keep in touch.

Dear Reba,

I’ve tried calling many times,
No one has answered.
But when the ringing came to hello,
I was truly a dancer.
My attorney is doing his best,
But he can only go so far.
He’s pushing his limits,
Never leaving my case to rest.
Maybe there is light on the other side,
It’s okay Reba, please don’t cry.
Things in this world are just unfair,
But you have to hold back your tears.
You have to be strong and just let the light shine.
Seven more years in this dark room was my only fear,
But don’t be upset, I have to serve this time.
Dinner bell is ringing, I have to go,
I’ll be waiting in line forever, the lunch officers are slow.
And by the way,
I miss you so much.
Don’t worry,
I will keep in touch.

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ChocolateThunder said...
Nov. 2, 2009 at 8:38 pm
This poem is really good!!! Even though none of my family members are in jail i can really understand how u feel!! keep writing!!
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