To My Brother Who Was Never Born MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   I do not know what to call you.

You had no name.

My Brother, I suppose, will do.

I like to say it aloud.

My Brother. My Brother.

I cannot.


say I love you.

I never knew you and

I cannot.


love what I do not know.

But I do, I suppose, miss you.

I want to know you My Brother.

To know your smile.

I have no other brothers.

You, I am sure, would have been beautiful.

I cannot.


even see your face in my mind.

Do you miss me?

Do you watch me from

whereyouare and say

That's my little sister there.

See how she laughs.


I suppose that if there is a

god. God. you are with Her. Him.

right now. I bet

that if there is anyone

who knows you right now,

that person loves you

like I would have.

My Brother.

I cannot.


cry for you.

You were never born and

there is nothing to cry for,

I suppose.

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