A Never-Ending Friendship

October 21, 2009
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The photo I hold in my hands is
The perfect picture of my best friend and I.
We are smiling and having the best of times,
Laughing away any stress from days prior.
Our blondish-brown hair rests on our shoulders,
Straight, long and styled.
The sunglasses that once shielded our eyes from
The bright sun now sit on our heads.
Our straight teeth peek out
From behind our pink lips.
We look grown up, unlike the girls we used to know.
Any time like this reminds me of our strong bond.

The two of us together is nothing new,
Since pre-school, we’ve been by each other’s side.
She has cried on my shoulder and I’ve cried on hers.
We both went through the I want to do it myself phase
Of childish bobs and pony-tails.
Our smiles were not always full and white,
But once concealed by metal and rubber bands.
This photograph reminds me --
Of my best friend and I.

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