October 21, 2009
She’s ensnared into a world that is so unseen.
Her instincts never mention what it’s going to be.
So she strives to find the key to break free, hoping one day she’ll be an anesthesiologist. Get a degree something that will settle in thee.
Like the power invested up in me, can’t you see?
Oh I forgot this world is so unseen.
So she must believe that this is her destiny.
Never catch her saying can I take your order please;
None of that mic-e-dee stuff will reside with me.
Because I’m going to work hard for my intellectual dream,
Abolish all obstacles in between.
Take the path of the road yet not taken, on the other side I shall awaken.
Fall in place of my past generation never replace um.
Touch the inner soul the mind, and body began to unfold.
My life is just a story of untold, untold secrets that I shall never hold.
So I must see the unseen things so I can shut myself free from this so called thing.

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