October 21, 2009
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Most days were the same get up, get papers and sell them. Today started out the same I got up and headed out to get some papers. When I got to the front of the line I had out the usual amount needed for 100 papers. One hundred papers I said to the guy at the front. When he told me the amount I almost passed out. Today it was twenty cents more than yesterday. I was so mad that those greedy rich people were taking advantage of us. I know what you’re thinking just stop selling papers for them. That’s not as easy as it sounds that’s my only income. Even though today started out bad it ended up great because today was the day I met Jack Kelly. I heard somebody was having a big newsy rally about the price of papers, so I thought that I would check it out. Jack said that he was having a big strike against the newspaper prices. It was long and hard but we ended up winning. I moved out west after that and came back to see New York I ended up seeing Jack again he now owned his own printing company and it was the biggest and richest in the world.

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