Making a Living in Madrid

October 21, 2009
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One dark and cold stormy night a few sells man got together near my corner. I could only make out a few faces in the crowd. I was surprised to see Jack, the head of our sells men, and Danny, who was the sells man leader outside of Madrid. I just thought “It’s nothing, there just talking to each other.” The next day I picked up my spices and my meats to sell, and headed to my corner. I saw a sign as I came up to my corner. The sign read, “This corner now belongs to Jack for all the selling purposes, if you have a complaint bring it up with me.” The next day I came up to jack to talk about the whole situation. When I started to ask why he had taken my corner, three big scary guys walked up behind him. After that I heard a few guys walk up behind me. I turned around and saw my buddy Danny. So I continued with my question, “so Jack why are you stealing my corner when you could have lots of other better spots.” Jack didn’t say anything instead he got this look on his face. To me it looked like he was going to jump me. He screamed as loud as he could and said, “let’s get him!” Two minutes into the fight he had me on the ground pounding my head in. I thought he would never give up. I started to lose consciousness, and I thought I would just go down throwing one more punch. The surprising thing is I couldn’t fell anything after that. When I got up I saw a pool of blood all around us and he was lying right beside me. All I could think of is “I need to get out of here.” I closed the diary thinking “What kind of story is this.” The name on the book was making me wonder if I could be related to this guy in any way. I went to the computer and looked up my mom and my dad’s family tree. I was in shock! The guy in the story was my great grandfather. So I walked out of the library thinking of what I had found out that day.

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