My Happily Ever After

October 20, 2009
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All I've seen is families ripped apart
And men bad from the very start

But then I see the perfect ending
And I love the message that its sending

But it makes me wonder, what is true,
Are men bad or can they really love you?

I want to believe that there is true love
A love created by heaven above

Then my reality yells in my ear
"You know this will only cause tears!"

So how do I know who is right
The movies or what's in plain sight

I just don't get how the movies could be wrong
There is so much love, dancing, and song

I suppose that it is all make believe
And perhaps I am being too naive

But deep in my heart there is hope
That life isn't just about having to cope

That maybe someday I can find someone
Who loves me a great ton

I want to be treated like a princess
And I won't settle for anything less

Because I want what Ariel has
I need to find a diamond, not topaz

So with my hope and heart to guide
I will get my prince by my side

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