flip-flopping the world.

October 20, 2009
By Wallflower PLATINUM, Portland, Oregon
Wallflower PLATINUM, Portland, Oregon
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backwards and upside-down
we lose weight from eating
gain it back through exercise

the world is in a blender
intelligence makes us popular
infuriatingly ignorant is so uncool

backwards and upside-down
the homeles pity us and give
us money to save up for a box

the world is in a blender
the fresh air isn't outside
you'll find the best of it is bottled

backwards and upside-down
our hair grows shorter as the days pass
we use ears to clean our q-tips

the world is in a blender
we walk through windows
use doors to see outside

backwards and upside-down
we can't wait to do all of our homework
but we get better grades for less effort

the world is in a blender
four plus four equals two
seashells sell sandy by the seashore

backwards and upside-down
colleges pay you to go
but only if you promise to party

the world is in a blender
we wear shoes on our hands
and mittens on our feet

oh wait, those are called socks.

The author's comments:
I wish we could all lose weight from eating.

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