Red Hearts and a Black Jack

October 20, 2009
Do you remember me?

I am the thing that you call happiness

You don’t realize who I am, don’t disagree

This struggle is endless.

Cries escape your sweet voice as I take my farewell

Why should I stay do tell?

You cause me nothing but grief

Let me leave, it’ll be a relief.

I wiped your eyes

I cried your tears

Then I’m the one that dies?

Pain, despair, anguish from all those years.

Ice runs down my veins

As I stand face to face

The only one that remains

I pull out a card, the red of Hearts, Ace

Realize your mistake

In this game, let’s all partake

You and me, come on

Let me deal and you just see

Into my illusion you are drawn

Oh pity me…

Just let me be…

I wish I had my dear Anne-Marie…

I pick up this deck

I have you where I want you, I have you in check

Now pick up your hand and see what you got

Don’t tell me you already forgot?

This is my game, my luck, my cards, my world, my revenge

Of course you didn’t think I’d avenge…

Don’t look my way

Just lay down hard

My colors are not just your normal gray

Destiny can change with one fatal card

You Ready?

Keep your hands steady

Now it’s the end….regret will be your bride

Long ago my soul had died

Forever gone

Forever lost

Forever tortured

Forever unloved

Welcome to the nightmare

This is my cross to bear

Bring me my life again

To my father, the son, and the holy spirit, amen

Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds and Spades

This emptiness cuts deep like razor blades

My name is Jack

You know me....I’m the loneliness of black

Spades is my house

Let the lights douse

I’m done with you

I’m sick and tired of all this fighting

This is nothing new

Just let me live in my writing

“An Ace and a Jack…..21 is my magic number”

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