Lovers Grim

October 20, 2009
By Rapture-Rey BRONZE, Columbus, Georgia
Rapture-Rey BRONZE, Columbus, Georgia
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I open my eyes again from my long slumber

To unveil them onto this sight unknown

I look at the back of my hand and see a tattoo of “6” as my number

I then wrap my arms around me because I suddenly feel so alone

From my head to my toes, I am dressed in all white

I appear to still be in the human realm but they don’t see me standing here

My lungs are clogged because of all this fright

I ponder where I am, what is happening to me, as I shed a tear

I drop to my knees with a shivering pain running through my spine

My mind runs wild, it runs crazy

As my body begins to turn cold, where is that light divine?

Fog surrounds me…my eye sight is getting hazy.

I feel like whoever was supposed to be watching me has left

And the one to hold my heart just ran off

Ripped away my pride…like grand theft

I spit blood every time I cough

I resent ever letting my guard down

But all the happy times were worth it

I am going to miss her pretty eye’s brown

I still love her, I do admit

But this has to end…

Listen to me before I forget…

You know our hearts would not ever again mend

Feel all my pain from the day we met

My eyes turn bloodshot red

As I sit in my shell…waiting

I stitch my mouth shut with this needle and thread

All that’s left is creating

Forming a new world for myself to live in

Because I have realized happiness is only an illusion

I put on my mask of bone above my crazy grin

But I have come to a conclusion

Come by my shell…

Come close and turn to see me…

Open your eyes wide to my life of hell…

And in just one, two, three…

Goodbye my love

This is my Lovers Grim

No salvation from above

Your light has run very dim.

This may be truly sinister and Ironic

But as you stare into my turquoise eyes, you see that Im not your normal demonic.

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