Soul of Gauze

October 20, 2009
By Rapture-Rey BRONZE, Columbus, Georgia
Rapture-Rey BRONZE, Columbus, Georgia
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Back up before you fall down

slow your speed before you crash

My life feels like the joke of a clown

Evils sliceing at my back with every lash

There was once a fairy tale

Where there always happy endings

Alls well that ends well

the soul of gauze is pending

i wrap my heart with cloth

only for it to be stained

not like a butterfly but like a moth

My feelings seemed to be chained

If only i could say it

I no longer want pain

you can take it as a non fatal hit

but you are it, you are my bane

i can sit here and continue being tortured

you think it has no effect on me

i can see from afar in that orchard

but in this serious talk, ive had enough penalties

this was never a game

but it seems that way

in the end all youll get is fame

mold whoever else with your clay

there is no dawn to dusk, or dusk to dawn

no more of the love that made you smile

so on i will not be your spawn

its been a long while

goodbye i say for this marks the day

of a new man, strong and brave

for you, you know ill pray

and hopefully you will behave

depression-obsession, sadness-madess, despair-psychological warfare, fear-tears, lust........what has happend is not Just.

Today marks the rebirth of someone who died a long time ago

Im sorry baby, but you reap what you sow.

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