Remember When?

October 20, 2009
Remember when we were little?
When we'd sing along to "Cat and the Fiddle"?

Back then we just wanted to get old,
we didn't worry about who to hold.

We'd get all dirty in the mud,
and then squirm around with our best bud.

Seeing a spider would make us scream.
You could have fun and not worry if it was a dream.

Well now we've grown old,
we have to be careful who to trust, who to hold.

Now its vulgar to roll around in mud,
Our trust days are over, we've lost our best bud.

Now we wake up and scream,
It's now a nightmare, no longer a dream.

The young days are gone, but not forgotten.
They're still left in our hearts,
hid beneath, now only remembered in parts.

They're only now part of our past,
but these are memories saved, best for last.

Remember When?

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