October 20, 2009
The depression's setting in.
Like always when you step out my door.
I'm reliving yesterday.
When this was nothing new,
when it was always the same.
I'm so afraid you won't come back.
Is this the last time I kiss your lips?
Is that the last time you walk through that door?
What if you never come back?
I always hate when you're gone.
Even more when you leave.
but I know you'll come back to me.
You do every time.
I worry, but you're always standing right there.
I know you won't leave.
You're always here.
No matter what.
You're like the shadow that stands beside me.
Always there.
Holding to me tight.
And it's times like these,
that I know you love me.
It's these moments,
that make me believe you'll never leave.
I know you'll always be in my heart,
because I know I'll always love you.
From now until forever.
I know, you'll always be there.

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