Green Eyes

October 20, 2009
I look in the mirror
And what do I see?
Two tearful green eyes
Staring back at me.

They show no content.
They only show grief.
They show pain and sorrow.
They show disbelief.

The day that you left
Was the day they first cried.
A broken hearted soul
Dies slowly inside.

Flashbacks of memories
Dreams of your face
Your shadow still haunts me.
My heart’s out of place.

You left me alone.
I cry late at night.
Was it ever meant to be?
Will it ever feel right?

I miss your strong arms
Keeping me warm and safe.
I close my eyes...I see you.
I wonder if it’s too late.

But until you return,
If you ever do,
These green eyes will be crying...
Crying over you.

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!!!JuSt~Me!!! said...
Nov. 14, 2009 at 1:28 pm
Theres this guy I realy liked. the sad part was we weren't even together, and he still broke my heart.
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