October 20, 2009
By , potomac, MD

Why haven’t we talked all day?
Is there something he needs to say?
Called his phone, he didn’t pick up,
I’m about to explode, about to blow up.
Lying in bed, I wonder what he’s up to
Maybe dinner, a shower, I have no clue.
Finally it rings, I freak,
Put the phone against my cheek.
Just his “hey” is all I need,
He says we need to talk, I agreed.
How dumb can I be, expecting a nice conversation?
But all I can hear in his tone is frustration.
I think I know what’s coming next,
This answers why I never got a text.
He says he doesn’t feel the same way about me,
But I know, I know, we were meant to be.
Silence through the phone,
We hang up and I feel way too alone.
I stay seated on my chair,
Can’t move, I don’t dare.
I feel something new, a different kind of pain,
Not like a sore, it’s hard to explain.
My whole body begins to shake,
I know what the feeling is now, heartbreak.

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