Fanciful Flounderings And "Arise, O Trout!" MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   My mind floats along

Like so many forgotten moldy loofahs in the sea.

My heartstrings go "Zing."

The strings being like sinews of gimp

Braided gimp intertwined with memories of you

Ripping at my sinews with joy.


Bladderwrack swims gently through my spleen.

Joy, Joy! (joy ...?)

The scent of glee

Circles to my nose

Like spirogyra,

So unlike the putrid Gefilte Fish.

O, defenestrate my acrid trout!

I'll find a new kipper:

One that loves me

And calls me "Schnookums"

O, bliss. O, jubilant melodies of ichthyology.

Will you know just how they were?

Gills can sense that scent of myrrh.

Do you smile at sea-born dreams

Like the mariner and his seamen?

Arise, O trout!!!

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