Four Seasons This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

    ... a girl sometimes sees herself

when no one else wants to

she thinks too much

and she drifts lazily to corners

never before scrutinized ...

... all she wanted was to touch him

to smell him

she thought to stare into his eyes

and use them as doorways to

his thoughts

outright she had no claim

he flew fast and she

barely kept pace

going for months without his arms

that she only had once

she heard him every day

telling her he'd done it all for her

(every time he whispered)

she knew subtle

she lived there most times ...

... she let herself be used and

repeated the falls into empty words

dark hair, dark eyes, she wanted

too easy forgiveness

a too easy victim

she touched often, separating herself

to not get hurt

he gave her tunnel vision

gave her a dependency that she discarded

soon after

it was a loathesome act she put on

fooling herself was the easy part ...

... she didn't want to know him

but that wasn't her choice

he was her

the blood was the same

betrayal could only come right after

it was like snow

she made him a promise and she

never backed out on hers

he would hear

he had one liver too many

that never survived

when she spoke to walls she was comfortable

he left her alone most nights

he didn't give her attention ...

... he loved her

fed her similar words into her

ravaged mouth

counsel was good from him

she trusted no other

he led her to life

she let curls tumble down for him

they rested in the palm of his hand

he never spoke to her

except through words

he kept her alive

it was nice to have a listener

instead of a lecturer

he would take her there if

he knew where it was ...

... a girl sees herself

and wonders what she lacks

then she fades away

because no one wanted her around

and no one wanted her

she thinks too much

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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