And Why? MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   The clock ticked away

did I ever deserve this

and did I ever beg for life

did I ever claim to know

and did I ask to go

did I ever claim to sing

so how long has it truly been

did I always mouth the words

and did you never listen

did I only stare

just to see you glisten

but I will never understand

the chilled glass feeling the touch of my hand

so did she know that face standing in the door

Ooh, that face in the door

please no more, no more

it has been far too long,

and why?

The moon screamed

on a cold October evening

and why didn't I cry

so why didn't you stop me

at least this time

from looking like a fool

and as a rule

you'd love to be so cruel

but you'd never talk

to such a charlatan

scratching at the door

where I could do no harm

only just feel the warm

I would soon begin to cry

but I'd always stay and try

still you'd never let me in,

and why?

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