Home comming queen

October 14, 2009
Husstle and Hurry
Makeup and clothes
money can buy friends
but what kind are those

Today someone new different and kind
can set aside her hectic life
and have a small piece of mind

who will it be maybe me
I hope not
I hope it's her
The real people are always forgot

Lost in a race of name brands
and price tags
no one will see the true beauty she has
but rather what our society demands

the night will come
and the night will go
the game will be over
but the people wont know

we may win
and we may not
but no one will remember
the one they forgot

the one who always laughs and cares
the one who always smiles
the one who didnt fall into all the latest fads
or the coolest styles

So who will be the homecoming queen?
who will win the prize?
isn't it sad that that the choice is up
to thos who let make up and price tags
obscure their eyes?

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