A few pieces missing

October 13, 2009
By littleone095 BRONZE, Chemainus, Other
littleone095 BRONZE, Chemainus, Other
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If you Don't dream, you don't live.

The perfect face...
always smiling,
a twinkle in the eye,
laughter always present.
The perfect face
to hide the missing pieces,
but what lies beneath this perfect face?
She races home,
and locks her bedroom door behind her
the perfect face breaks...
she cries,
lets it all out.
Those few pieces missing.
make all the difference.
A face for being around others,
a face for at home.
The difference?
like night and day.
But the pity others show,
when they know
what the truth is,
makes it even worse!
Why can't they just accept differences?
Why can't they understand pain?
What is so different about me?
these thoughts
run through her head,
as she looks at her tear-stained hands
the answer came to her.
'I'm not able to fight back'
she lifts her face
'I can't hurt people, like they hurt me'
she starts to smile
'I know what it feels like'
she dries her eyes.
She comes to a conclusion
can live life without
Pieces missing,
But most of all,
you can't live life without Loving.'
She shakes her head.
'These people,
they aren't living,
yet I'm the pitied one?
I pity them,
'they haven't lived life,
they don't know what they're missing,
but i don't know what I'm missing,
and I'm not going to find out! '
Life is a little better,
now I can live life with a smile always!

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