For Me, My Wings

October 13, 2009
By Twizzlerz13 BRONZE, Welcome, Maryland
Twizzlerz13 BRONZE, Welcome, Maryland
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Jump before you look

This I know, because I love you
Weak on heaven and earth above you
Dear Lord tell me I'm wrong
Tell me why I've cried for so long
Bless it be by the name of Christ
I am weak for what I've sacrificed

Tell me what you're running for
These dark feathers are worth dying for
Take a drink take a sip of me
I will last and I'll make you free
Because this is our last breath
This is my heart and this is my sheath

Oh, Lord

Jump, jump so high
Before you know it you'll touch the sky
And see the pain in my eyes
I've seen you hold me through my cries
Sorrow bleeds through the dirt
This will never ever hurt

Trust me please
I'm on my knees
And I have you in the palm of my hand
But I don't think you'll ever understand
Don't worry I don't understand myself
Why do you think I lost myself

Don't cry

I know I'm in pain but I'll still stand
Cause boy I've got a plan
But don't look at me that way
You're right but don't push me away
I'll jump and commit every crime
So you'll stay mine every time

These tears are real
They're what i feel
We'll hold each other now
I'm feeling better somehow
But if I ever die
Please don't ever cry

For me

The author's comments:
This is something I wrote for a special someone... Even though he doesn't quite know how much he goes through for me, I wish I could somehow tell him how much I love him

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