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By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Give me peace and tranquility
On a sandy shore alone.
Give me love
To share with someone new.
Give me my heart,
It wasn't yours to take.
Give me a choice
And I'll make the right decision.
Give me freedom
To do as I please.
Give me his lips
To kiss passionately.
Give me a voice
To be heard near and far.
Give me wings to spread like an eagle.
Give me a chance
To show you I'm the best.
Give me a hug,
So I can squeeze out your soul.
Give me hands
To grasp a life of my own.
Give me a reason
To live.
Keep your ears,
You've never heard a word I said.
Keep your opinions,
They were all wrong.
Keep your dreams,
I was never a part of them.
Keep your eyes,
They were mirrors of hate.
Keep your misery,
That's all you shared with me.
Keep our memories,
I don't want them.
Keep your knowledge,
It doesn't impress me.
Keep your passion,
You never had it to give.
Keep your roses,
The thorns made me bleed.
Keep your candles,
They were brighter than your eyes.
Keep your calmness,
I hated that about you.
Keep your nose,
Pointed high in the air.
Keep your love poems,
There was no fire in them.
Keep your jail, jealousy and anger,
You never wanted me to fly.
Keep your apology,
It is too late.

by A. V., S. Boston, MA

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