Cape Cod

October 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Its the brilliance of the light and the position that it takes
Its the feeling of the sand and the heat that it gives off
Its the smell of the salty water and fishermen far out at sea
Its the ability to close your eyes and still know exactly where you are
Its the breaths you take and the memories that you make
Its the feeling that the time keeper himself lies out here on the beach
Its the knowledge that in one swift movement the stars will be scattered across the sky
and the calm oceans surface will be upturned once again
Its your bare feet on the endless sand, the waves against the shore
Its the laughter and the skipping rocks
The soundtrack to your summer
Its the presence of those around you
Its the absence of those you've lost
Its the realization that next year at this time
things will be found within the snow and frost
Its the searching look you give the future
Wondering what this year will bring
Its the waiting and anticipation
As you search through the borrowed things
Its knowing that one year from now
When you return to this place
You'll be changed, you'll be different
The only thing familiar, your reflection your face
Its with regrets and with high hopes
That you leave the beach behind
Knowing that while it remains the same
You will change, yourself you will find

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